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Spotted Places is so easy to use! I can easily open the app from anywhere around the world and check out something nearby that was recommended by a real person! I can look at their photos and check out their profile to see if we have the same kind of interests and tastes in travel, restaurants, etc. That makes it alot easier to decipher if I think it would be a good fit for me as well.

Kamelia Britton

Travel Blogger & Consultant, Hackerette

For me, Spotted Places is a happy medium between "I want to travel" but "I don't have the money." You will be surprised by how many gems you are surrounded by and have no idea. That's where Spotted Places come in handy. People you trust--family, friends, bloggers, travelers, can save places they find amazing. And by following them you're able to see their recommendations. As someone who likes to travel but not always on road as often as I want to, I use Spotted Places to explore my local area "disappointment free," since the recommendations will be coming from people I trust.

Gemina LaBranche

Traveler, Writer, Entrepreneur, Live.Love.Travel

Trust and Experience! Both are core values of Spotted Places, I believe that the world can be a better place is more of us apply them in our Modus Vivendi. The app is a facilitator to share our experiences, create a trusted community and Inspire others to Explore. That's why I like it!

Du Terrones

Traveler, Creative Director, Cremoposa

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