10 Things You Will Love
about Cali, Colombia

1. Caleños


You will meet some of the warmest and friendliest people, some will become your closest friends and others will leave a lasting impression even if you only met them briefly.

San Antonio Barrio in Cali, Colombia

2. Your Feet Are Never Cold


Cold feet is something that really gets me, icy toes just doesn’t do it for me. Move to the tropics and you don’t get cold feet.

Cali, Colombia

San Antonio, the colonial neighborhood of Cali

lulo in Cali, Colombia

Lulo, a tasty citrus-like fruit found in Cali

3. Lulo


Want it as a juice, a cocktail, an ice cream, a cheesecake? You’ve got it. It’s the fruit that keeps on giving. It’s delicious and versatile.

Cali, Colombia restaurant, El Penon

interior at Storia D’amore, a great restaurant for Sunday brunch

4. Salsa


Yep, it had to make it on the top 10. Hearing it will make you happy, dancing it will make you happy, watching it will make you happy.

Pance, Cali, Colombia

river views of the River Pance

5. River Culture


Rio Cali, which runs through the city, is beautiful. You can jog along it and follow it up to the zoo. Pance, which is located in the far south of the city, is great for spending the weekend lazing about in shallow pools and eating sancocho.

San Antonio neighborhood, Cali, Colombia

6. Empanadas (and fried food in general)


Meat, potatoes and onions, deep fried in corn dough. Not the healthiest option, but certainly one of the most delicious snacks out there. Ask for the different sauces too, there should be a range of ají (spicy sauce), garlic and guacamole to name a few.

nightlife in Cali, Salsa, La Topa

La Topa Tolondra, one of the most famous and traditonal bars in Cali

7. Nightlife


Cali is home to a great selection of nightlife, not just salsa, but also electronic, reggae, Pacific music and reggaeton. Something for every night of the week if you want it.

Climate in Cali, Colombia

view hiking up Tres Cruces

8. Climate


Most of the year, Cali has beautiful weather. It’s hot and sunny with highs of about 30°C. And when the rainy season arrives (March – May and October – December), the rain brings a welcome break from the heat and it feels a bit colder; colder in the sense of 20°C at night, not anything too drastic.

mountains in Cali, Colombia

9. Mountains


On a clear day, you can see the bluish outline of Farallones and it’s one of the most beautiful views.

sunset in Cali, Colombia

Sunset in Cali

10. Sunsets


There is something about the sunsets here, people say once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. I do tend to agree, but I have a soft spot for the Cali sky when it turns into a fiery mix of reds, oranges and purples.

Jess Weiss

Jess Weiss

Guest Blogger

Jess is a Cali expert, having lived there for the last two years. She might not look like a local (the blonde hair and blue eyes give her away), but she certainly knows the place like the back of her hand. For everything you need to know about Cali, Colombia, check out her blog, Following My Footprints!

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