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Guest post by: Davide Bona

I was trying to decide which city to write about. I have visited so many cities and places and had so many incredible experiences that it was difficult for me to decide. First, I thought that I’d start with a place in my beautiful home country, Italy? No, that’s too obvious. Maybe an American city? Or the fascinating Australia? How about the unknown East Asia?


Finally, I stumbled upon a bright idea. And when I say bright, I mean it for real. Lights up! There is a city that more than any other place I have seen that really shines.


It shines of sunlight during the day and it shines with artificial lights all night long. That’s because it’s a city that never sleep. It’s awake 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It captures the attention of everyone; it doesn’t matter if you’re a tourist or a local, this city will amaze you for real!

The city that I’m talking about is Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Springing up from the Arabian Desert, Dubai is a city full of ambitions: from mega malls to some of the tallest buildings and the largest artificial islands in the world! Dubai can get really scorching in summer so the best time to visit is between Nov and Jan. During these months you’re be able to experience amazing blue skies and picture-perfect beach weather!


I can say many things about Dubai, but foremost, I have to say that SHINES! I’ve never felt this sparkling sensation in my life, and I loved it so much!

Dubai skyline

I have a travel philosophy to never go back to the same place twice (at least I try), so I wanted to really enjoy the city of Dubai. Therefore, I went to celebrate New Year’s Eve!


Around 9 hours away from Milan by flight, I arrived by night.  Even while landing, you will admire the amazing contrast of colors in this unique city placed in the middle of the dark desert.


The trip from the airport to the city is short and you will immediately see the magnificence of the skyline in front of you.  Every building and every street is full of colors, a myriad of lights as far as the human eye can see. Even late at night, you’ll feel as if you have to wear your sunglasses!


After a short drive, the taxi stopped in front of the beautiful hall of the Shangri-La Hotel. Arrived! Everything is luxurious, and you feel like a rich sultan! After few hours of rest, the curtains in the room automatically opened and revealed the sunrise and the amazing view of the skyscraper named Burj Khalifa! It was stunning! 

The imposing sight of the world’s tallest building is unmistakable. Towering above the Dubai landscape at 829.8 meters (2,722 feet), the Burj Khalifa is a breathtaking sight and can be seen up to 95 kilometers (59 miles) away. If you are a modern-day architecture lover like I am, there’ll be only one thing on your mind — reaching the summit to admire the amazing views from the top of Burj Khalifa!


The history of the Burj Khalifa dates back to 2004 when constructions first started on this mega skyscraper. The structure was finalized in 2009, at least in terms of the exterior and it is made primarily of reinforced concrete. In terms of architectural design, the skyscraper has a unique ‘neo-futuristic’ design, stereotypically associated with the modern-day era and an idealistic belief in the need to embrace technology. What was once deemed to be impossible, is now the future of architecture.

Dubai beach

Speaking of amazing places in Dubai, another that I must mention is the Dubai Marina area. Dubai Marina, which is at the center of a vibrant chic lifestyle, has become the heart of New Dubai with unobstructed views across the marina and fresh sea breezes.


The jewel in its crown is the Marina Walk, an awe-inspiring place that delights visitors with its cosmopolitan and inimitable, refreshing lifestyle. This man-made marina is strategically located near Interchange 5 on Sheikh Zayed Road, close to Dubai’s well-known landmarks such as the Dubai Media City.


The Marina Walk offers an array of high-end shops, recreational activities and restaurants to enjoy. The restaurants offer everything from grills, seafood, Thai, Japanese, and Indian cuisines, alongside trendy coffee shops, spas and beauty salons. The retail shops are everywhere, including supermarkets, boutique stores and the Dubai Marina Mall is located nearby. 

The view is spectacular, especially at night where the high-rise apartments and hotels all compete with each other to offer the best displays of lighting and marina views. 

The Walk has beautiful yachts parked outside and the lights at night are particularly magical. Given the exotic location, the Marina is a restaurant destination and great for a night out. Its atmosphere is electrifying and provides an exciting place where you can also find day trips and boats for hire.

Retiro Park, Madrid, Spain

My New Year Eve’s trip reached its apex at midnight with fireworks on the sea, an absolutely breath-taking show unique in its style.


It is impossible to get bored in this city where there is always something to do, to discover and to enjoy.


Go to the wonderful Dubai, warm, impressive, perhaps a little bit snobbish, but always ready to amaze you!

Dubai skyline
Davide Bona

Davide Bona

Guest Blogger

Hello there, I’m Davide!

I was born in Italy and I now live in Milan.  I’m a financial analyst for an important Italian investment bank.  Numbers and statistics are my job, but my biggest passion is travel; traveling and discovering new places and learning as much as I can about this amazing world!

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