Hidden Hiking Gems in Hong Kong

Guest post by: Cherine Chan (Follow on Spotted Places here)


Hong Kong, a tiny city located in Southeast China, is known to be a concrete jungle where skyscrapers are found in every square foot of the city. In such a compact city it makes you feel that there’s not much natural scenery to explore, but I can tell you…. you’re wrong! There are actually many well-known hiking trails in Hong Kong, many of which have breathtaking views that are well-known international sites. So let me reveal the mysterious side of Hong Kong to you all!

Below I’m going to introduce 3 “spotted places”. They may not often appear in travel books, but they are definitely worth visiting.

1. Shek O


First, Shek O. This small district located on the southern side of Hong Kong Island is indeed a hidden gem. Here, you can fulfill all your wishes in one goal: sea, waves, mountains, beaches, all condensed in the same place.

Shek O is mainly divided into two sides. The left side is mainly mountains while the right side is mainly beaches. I would recommend visiting the left side first as it’s just a 30-minute hike to go up and down the hill. But before going up the hill, you’ll first see a blue bridge which is quite a photogenic spot. Standing on the bridge, you’ll be able to see how the waves batter against the rocks and feel the sea breeze. You may see a few outlying islands on the southern part of Hong Kong as well!

After enjoying the breeze, now proceed forward and walk up the stairs to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the islands around the area! There’s a pavilion at the top of the hill for you rest in the shade before heading back down. By then, you can walk to the right side of Shek O where the beach and all the restaurants are at. It’s very relaxing to have a drink beside the beach while looking at the sunset!

waves in Hong Kong

Shek O Beach. A short hiking trail of just 30 minutes with breathtaking views! 🌊 A must visit in Hong Kong✨
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2. Cape D’Aguilar


Second, Cape D’Aguilar. It is a marine reserve located on the southern side of Hong Kong Island as well. If you’re a sea lover, this is the right place for you! I would recommend taking a bus there as it’s quite far from the city. (Details of transportation will be stated below.) Once you got off the bus, there’s only one way to go! Follow the path and, in around 45 minutes, you’ll reach the area! (and of course nice views throughout the walk as well!)

Cape D’Aguilar is quite a condensed area with all the “attractions” next or near to each other. Once you’ve reached the area, all the picturesque spots are waiting for you! Cape D’Aguilar is famous for its historic lighthouse which somehow looks like Okinawa from afar. I  suggest that you first make your way to the lighthouse, then continue walking down the road. You’ll see an island that looks pretty much like a bird’s beak. (Yes, the Chinese translation for Cape D’Aguilar is actually “the bird’s beak”!)

During the walk to the island, you’ll see a giant whalebone which is owned by a university in Hong Kong for research purposes. It’s definitely a photo spot! After passing by the whalebone, you have to climb up the rocks a bit to get to the bird’s beak, where you’ll see how the splashing waves hit upon the rocks! And there are also a few caves around the area where you’ll see waves rushing out of it. So don’t hesitate to explore them if you’re an adventure seeker!

3. Big Wave Bay


Lastly, Big Wave Bay hiking trail. I would say it is a ‘milder’ version of the famous Dragon’s Back trail. If you think you can’t climb Dragon’s Back, but would like to look at similar views, this is the trail for you! It’s a hiking trail that links with the end of the Dragon’s Back. If you think you’re capable enough, there’s an alternative path mid-way for you to switch to the Dragon’s Back! But if not, there’s still attractive views along the way waiting for you!

If you plan to try this trail, I recommend starting from Big Wave Bay. (Transportation information will be stated below!) Towards the end of the beach, you’ll find a small staircase heading up the hill. And that’s where you’ll start your hike! Go up the stairs and your hike begins! (There’s only one way to go throughout the trail so there’s no way to get lost.) Throughout the walk, you’ll see amazing scenery, and again lots of instagrammable spots! So next time, consider this spot if you want a more relaxing hike. It’s even a great hike for bringing your children or dogs with you!

How to Arrive


Shek O and Cape D’Aguilar are next to each other. To get there, you can take the MTR to Shau Kei Wan station, head to the bus terminus right outside of the MTR exit, and look for bus number 9 to reach both places. The bus will first arrive at Cape D’Aguilar then Shek O will be the last station. But be extra careful if you’re going to Cape D’Aguilar, as bus number 9 doesn’t go there every day; even if there’s a bus number 9 on the day, not every one goes there! So be sure to check the bus schedule before you go there.

As for Big Wave Bay hiking trail, one of the ways to reach it is to take a minibus outside of the Shau Kei Wan MTR station that heads to the beach. Big Wave Bay is the last station on the route so you don’t need to be afraid that you don’t know where to get off. And by the end of the trail, you’ll arrive to Siu Sai Wan, the very east of Hong Kong Island. After you’ve gone down all those stairs, you’ll see a park. Walk out of the park, turn right, and continue to walk along the road. Soon you’ll see a housing estate. The ground floor of the housing estate is a large bus terminus where you’ll be able to have access to central to the heart of Hong Kong, in around 30 minutes.

Tips When Going to Hong Kong


Hong Kong has a relatively mild climate. But I would suggest visiting during autumn or winter as the weather is cooler and less humid at this time. Especially if you’re going to hike during your visit, the weather is much more comfortable during autumn. If you plan to visit Hong Kong, don’t forget to put a big tick on your must-do list for shopping and eating as well! Hong Kong is known for being the New York of Asia, and both a shopping and foodie paradise! Being a duty-free city, all the shops in Hong Kong, from street stores to famous international brands, are free from tax! So you can definitely shop till you drop with fabulous prices!

And most importantly, cuisines from all over the world can be found here, from traditional Cantonese food to all the fusions you could ever think of. Among all of them, one of the must-tries, I have to say, is local street food! Hong Kong milk tea, egg waffles, fish balls, siu mai… if you haven’t tried any of these, don’t tell anyone you’ve been to Hong Kong!

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Cherine Chan

Cherine Chan

Guest Blogger

I am Cherine and I am a year 10 student born and raised in Hong Kong. When I started my blog, I didn’t expect a lot at the beginning but just wanted to share some of the photos I took on my travel journeys with others. Food and travel are no doubt two of my favorite things in life! Now my blog has grown and I love adding to it all the good food I’ve tasted and the beautiful scenery I’ve seen in Hong Kong and everywhere else I’ve visited. In case you want to know more about me (or anything about Hong Kong), check out my social media handles above!

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