My Neverland:
Agnes Water

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As you are driving down the East Coast of beautiful Australia you might just head for the big things on the map; but please take note of the small things.


Take a look beneath the path. Leave the highway near Childers and make your way through to Bundaberg; a bigger town which is famous for its Bundaberg Rum. If you’re driving to north to Bundaberg, take the Rosedale Road. You’ll find yourself on a road surrounded by greenery wherever you look. Here and there you’ll see a small house while making your way towards the coast. Take a turn in an area called Berajondo and drive about 35 minutes on this road. You’ll arrive to a place I call “Neverland”, better known as Agnes Water. 10 years ago there was only a dirt track leading to Agnes Water so you’re lucky that you can get there more easily today.

The Town

The Town itself is really small. Big shopping centers like Woolworth or Coles don’t even think about opening a branch there and the only pub in town is accessible by foot from almost wherever in Agnes you live. You get your pizza from the only Servo there an if you have the munchies after 8 pm, you have to go there too. If you want to shop for the latest surfing clothes, you’ll find them in the Reef 2 Beach Shop where everyone knows exactly your size and you can book your first ever surf class (as Agnes Water is the first stop when you go from north to south where you can go surfing). Walking along the shops next to Foodworks, you can check out the bakery where they’ve got the best lamington and sausage rolls I ever ate.

If you go for vegan and raw food do yourself a favor and visit Amber and her team at Sol Foods. On my daily walks through the town I always stopped there for a smoothie or two and some fresh vegan cake slices which always gave me the shivers. She also has got the best coffee I have ever had and likes to have a chat with you if you have any questions. Amber’s food is as fresh as it gets and you can learn a lot about environmental friendly articles.

If you’re staying in town for longer and want some new ink underneath your skin go up to Ian. He’s an English lad who came to Australia when he was young and just stayed in Agnes his whole life because it was that beautiful. I really enjoy his artwork and got a lot of art on my body done while I was in Agnes. Make sure you go there during the winter time as there are not that many people staying in Agnes. Do you want to get a facial treatment done? Go to the famous beauty shop named Glamourpussy. The staff is really friendly and I immediately felt like I was in good hands while someone was tinting my eyelashes.



Something you shouldn’t miss is the Stone and Rock Shop; a small shop close to the beach where you can wander around and take a look at the most beautiful stones on earth. Get lost and discover the stones and gems Australia and the world has got to offer and if you don’t want to spend a fortune you can buy a small stone and make your own necklace.



The Hostel

There are four Hostels in Agnes Water. The YGA, Southern Cross Backpackers, Cool Bananas and Backpackers@1770. I haven’t been to all of them but I can definitely say which one of them is the best. Back when I was in Agnes I checked in at Backpackers@1770 and I never regret it. If you stay a bit longer you’ll get to know so many people there and everyone is growing into a big family where you can always come back to.

The owner’s name is Oscar and he is in his mid-twenties whether than some old guy who is owning a Hostel. He’s been traveling a lot and if he finds the time he’ll sit down next to you and talk about his travels. If you’re lucky enough you’ll meet his parents who can tell you many stories about their travels around the world and Australia when it wasn’t that developed.

The hostel consists of three buildings. There is one building where Oscar’s room is located. You can find the big kitchen area and the three spacious double rooms with aircon in there too.

The middle building contains a huge roofed Chill-Out Area with lots of couches and a chair and a big TV. It also has the office, the laundry room and the staff room in it. Between those two buildings, you can find a big Balinese hub where everyone is coming together, relaxes and enjoys the social atmosphere. If you can’t be bothered going to the beach, just take a towel or one of the chairs and lie down on the meadow in front of the hub.

In the last building, you can find 6 dorms with 10 beds each. One of them is an all-female dorm so if you’re a girl and don’t want to spend your nights in a unisex room, this room is perfect for you. Every single room contains a big bathroom. As I was staying there and started to work as a staff member I immediately went to the staff room. Every day between 10 and 12 every room and every bathroom is being cleaned to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Enjoy the quiz nights or the bonfires at the beach where you can see Oscar doing his fire tricks and if it gets colder during the night there’s a bonfire at the hostel where you can melt marshmallows, sit by the fire and listen to some guys with guitar skills.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take a refreshing shower in the tropical outdoor shower hidden behind bamboo. The best time of the day to shower in there is when it’s short after sunrise and the sun is crawling between the bamboo sticks to warm you up. While taking a look above your head the palm trees are breezing in the wind.

My favorite part in this hostel is the kitchen. It’s a total artwork.


Every time backpackers stayed in this hostel they came around and drew or wrote something on the walls or the table. Whenever I was standing in the kitchen I discovered a new saying, a new language, a new phrase. Make friends with “Duke” the hostel dog, a crazy black and white crossbreed and you’ll never be alone again. Sometimes he comes along and cuddles up to you or just pokes his head through your legs while you’re having breakfast. If you want to take a walk with him just ask at the reception and you can walk down to the beach with him where he loses everything. Check in at that beautiful hostel and enjoy hiring bikes, surfboards and snorkeling gear.




Sometimes Oscar gets his 4-wheel-drive and will take you to one of the beautiful national parks around Agnes Water where you either discover the red Earth Australias or the huge white sand dunes and wonderful beaches.

4-wheel-drive in Australia
4-wheel-drive in Australia

The beaches and surroundings


As I already said, Agnes Water is like the Neverland. It has got a beautiful main beach where you can snorkel, swim, surf and kite surf which will take your breath away. Do yourself a favor and wake up early to take a swim in the ocean while the sun is rising and crawling up over the cliffs. The main beach itself is about 7 km long. If you’re taking the main entrance to the beach in the morning you might see the surf class having its lesson and enjoy watching them practice. There are some cliffs on the right side where you can go for a hike and sit down at the very end to see the surf pros surfing with the big waves which burst against the big rocks.

beach view in Australia
beach in Australia

On your left side, you can stroll down the beach and see the kite surfers performing their tricks in the wind. Lie down under one of the big trees and enjoy the beautiful weather and the salty sea. If you’re lucky enough someone with fresh coconuts will come up to you and you can buy them for $1 each.

Head south from Agnes Water along springs road until you come to the Springs Beach Sign. Turn left for around 400-500m until you find the track to drive to my favorite beach in this area. I mean, who wants to have their towel lined up next some stranger when you can go to this stunning beach. Whether you want to surf there or just lie on the beach this one is the best spot. As it is in front of a private housing estate you have to access the beach on a 250 m dirt track so prepare to take your 4-wheel-drive up there.


When you finally made it and walked the track down to the beach you’ll find yourself in front of deep blue waters and the most beautiful spot for beach lovers. White sand dunes and stunning headlands wherever you look.

Australia beach waves

Paperbark Trail Walk


If you want to get lost for about 15 minutes the Paperbark Park is the perfect spot. It’s on the opposite side of the entry of Springs Beach. It has some stepping stones as you walk in there and a wooden boardwalk. Take your time and just enjoy the silence and the beautiful butterflies all around you. It’s definitely a picture worth but I would suggest you leave your camera in your pocket, at least for a few minutes and breath in deeply.

1770 Sunset Lookout

As I was working for the hostels I had the pleasure to drive the Hostel Bus and show the guest the famous sunset lookout in 1770, a town where James Cook landed in 1770. Due to the fact that Agnes Water and the Town of 1770 is on a promontory you have the opportunity of seeing the sunrise and the sunset above the Ocean. Driving to the very end of 1770 you’ll come to a big parking lot. Park your car and make your way down to a bay where you can sit down at the small cliffs and watch the sunset. If you’re lucky you can see dolphins and sea turtles and the sun will immerse the coast into a beautiful golden light until the sun sets behind the mountains and the ocean. I would recommend you going there when it’s a bit cloudy so the sun shines through the clouds and give them a nice glow.

1700 Sunset Lookout

Activities all around Agnes

Get up, get out and do something. And you can do plenty of stuff in and around Agnes. Book a Surf Lesson, hire some bikes and drive around Agnes to find hidden places, hire a kayak and paddle around the coast to find the secret beach (I won’t tell you where it is, you have to find it yourself). Go snorkeling at the coastline and find beautiful fishes in the clear water. Book the famous Castaway Tour where you will discover the Castaway live for 3 days and 2 nights. You truly aren’t allowed to be a princess (or a prince as it’s said on the website) when it comes to the castaway tour because you have to live with the things provided; wildlife, insects, sand etc.

If you are more down for a relaxing reef cruise book a cruise on the Lady Musgrave Cruises or the “1770 Great Barrier Reef Cruises” and go out for a beautiful snorkel trip at the famous Lady Musgrave Island. This island is a 14 hectares coral cay on the Nothern South Barrier Reef.

Getaway Cafe

If you’re looking for coffee and fantastic food in a tropical paradise look no further. I found it! The Getaway Cafe! It’s a cafe which you can access on the Road of Springs Beach and Paperbark Park. The moment you enter the garden coffee through the big wooden Balinese doors all your problems will float away and you find yourself in a jungle with a stone boardwalk. As you walk up the wooden area and take a seat you can relax in the immense greenery and see some Kangaroos lying on the grass during the afternoon. The best thing I ate was the bircher muesli. A fresh pinch muesli with spoons of yogurt, fresh passion fruit, banana, strawberries, and blueberries. On top of all that try the smoothies and enjoy the babble of the tropical pond.

Agnes Water Australia

During my time in Agnes Water I made a lot of friends and we grew into a big family. I know that they are somewhere in the world and I’ll always share a special bond with them. Agnes Water is Paradise. I learned how to ride a long board, I nearly learned how to surf but always fell of the board, I could really relax and get to know myself better. It felt like home away from home and whenever I have the chance to come back I definitely will.

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