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Spotted Places has a mission: Inspire others to experience the world.

We are excited to introduce our blog, which we hope will help to inspire even more people. We see our blog being very similar to our our Podcast, which allows listeners to hear epic adventures and amazing tips and tricks when it comes to travel.


Even before the Spotted Places app launched, we were amazed by our growing tribe. We see the blog as another opportunity to get to know our users and community. We invite everyone to apply to submit material for our blog. This could be a cross-post from something already published, or unique content to Spotted Places. You are even encouraged to submit stories of how you used the Spotted Places app to find a new favorite spot!


To apply to submit content, please fill out this application.


If you have questions, feel free to reach out! We always love hearing from our community!


— Bryant Hawthorne, Co-Founder & CEO


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Way Down in Mexico (City)

Way Down in Mexico (City) Written by: Danielle Robles Photos by: Anjelica Jardiel Mexico City was not quite what I had expected. Which is actually probably not fair to say because I didn't know what to expect. The only descriptions ever whispered about the city...

Dubai: the City that Shines

Dubai: the City that Shines Guest post by: Davide Bona I was trying to decide which city to write about. I have visited so many cities and places and had so many incredible experiences that it was difficult for me to decide. First, I thought that I’d start with a...

Cape Verdean Food

Cape Verdean Food: 10 Traditional Dishes Guest post by: Cecilia Kern Cape Verde is known for their morabeza or hospitality. Often this hospitality extends far behind a warm smile and greeting. Cape Verdeans are eager to share with you their culture, history, and most...

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