Episode 10:

Jake Allegro

Jake Allegro

Jake Allegro

Jake is an travel blogger, writer, and actor. He was inspired to start travel after studying abroad in Manchester where he consistently had a four day weekend. In this episode, we discuss a few of Jake’s favorite places: Italy, Iceland, and Thailand. He also shares some amazing tips on how to find epic local experiences with no planning!

If you want to connect with Jake, check out his travel blog at https://nomadictraveling.com/ or his personal website https://www.jakeallegro.com/. You can also find him on Instagram @jakeallegro (https://www.instagram.com/jakeallegro/).

To see some of the places he recommends, follow him on the Spotted Places app @Jake.Allegro (https://api.spottedplaces.com/applink/jj3gQfdjVitOA2ip)


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