Episode 11:

Hitched Hikers

Hitched Hikers

Hitched Hikers

Liam and Philippa quit their jobs 7 months ago to become the “Hitched Hikers.” Since they have been on the road, they have already been to India, Hong Kong, China, and Thailand, just to name a few spots. In this Episode, we dive into their philosophy of travel and why it is important to travel while you are young and not wait for retirement. We also discuss how feasible it is to get on the road. The Hitched Hikers spend an average of $40 per day between the two of them, which is an impressive feat which we discuss. They also emphasize that even if you don’t have a large bank account, there are channels of income available while you are traveling. This makes exploring the world even more accessible than you would think!

If you want to learn more about the Hitched Hikers, or stop by and say high, you can find them at any of the following links:




If you want to see their travels on the Spotted Places app, follow them @Hitched.Hikers (https://api.spottedplaces.com/applink/OFzVYzPk4dwpkhLw)


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