Episode 9:

Jeff J Hunter

Jeff J Hunter

Jeff J Hunter

Jeff is an expert when it comes to freeing up your time to do the things you truly love in life. We dive into why he is called an outsourcing tycoon: Virtual assistants. Yes, these are affordable individuals you can hire to help you complete the day-to-day tasks which most of us don’t want to (and shouldn’t) spend time on. Jeff gives a few tips and tricks and shares how everyone can be leveraging virtual assistants.

Jeff is also the founder of the 9010Life movement. The 9010Life takes the 80/20 rule to the extreme and Jeff shows how you can do amazing things with your life by focusing on the 10% of the things that matter the most. We go into more details in the Podcast, but it is definitely worth checking out!

We also discuss a few of his travels to the Philippines and some of his favorite spots.

You can find Jeff and learn more about the 9010Life at any of these places:



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